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Welcome to the Royal Kings Land Training Academy. ‘Spoken English’ is English that is spoken by people to converse and communicate. It comprises the usage of words, phrases and sentences verbally in order to communicate or express ideas or feelings to people around us. As per linguist David Crytal,” Spoken English” is the more natural and widespread mode of transmission, though ironically the one which most people find much less familiar presumably because it is so much more difficult to see what is happening in speech than in “Writing”. This explains, that Spoken English is more natural and prevalent mode of communication or say the transmission of messages; the only catch being that most people are less acquainted with it, perhaps because it lacks, “Sight”, unlike “Writing”.

Talking about Spoken English we know that it has gained a high level of importance in today’s world where globalization has led to the expansion of English in all fields of work. In this scenario, having English speaking skills is not only necessary for personal development but also for career advancement and economic development.

Spoken English course is an important life changing skill which a student or a jobseeker must possess in the modern-day life. It complements the knowledge of students as well as the freshers. This course will help students and job seekers to be well ahead of the other unskilled people. It will motivate, encourage and guide students to fulfill their potential and achieve more success.


The language skills necessary for effective communication include:

  • Intelligible pronunciation, stress and intonation patterns.
  • Listening comprehension skills.
  • Vocabulary beyond that of the subject matter.
  • Control of English grammar.
  • Paraphrasing and elaboration skills.

Spoken English course helps the students to communicate, provide presentation, develop personality maintaining well groomed status and learn etiquettes. These soft skills will help the students and job seekers to become fully prepared, confident, well-organized in their life. Working professionals can upgrade their soft skills to suit the current corporate needs. It also enables them for smoother client handling and maintaining long term sustainable client relationships.


Royal Kings Land Training Academy is providing an excellent opportunity for all persons. Training is being given through a time limited course by experienced trainers.

Spoken English Courses are as follows: –

Beginner – 24 weeks

Intermediate – 18 weeks

Professional – 12 weeks

Eligibility Criteria

Class VI for junior candidates

Class XII for senior candidates