Royalkingsland training academy


The Royal kingsland Training Institute is the most trusted name in developing high quality skilled. It started its journey in 2021. With a dream   to tackle the all time challenge   of unemployment in India by imparting affordable as well quality vocational training to young people with ordinary merit limited economic resources. We are an ISO9001:2015 certified registered trust.

We  offer a lots of courses with aim to develop quality technical , professionals both in urban and rural areas. Our unique quality are industry oriented curriculum, quality teaching. And hands on training all at affordable rates. We ensure excellence in depth learning and 100% grooming.

The beauty and wellness industry in India is grooming every year at a  pace rate of the beauty  & wellness industry in W.S.A.  and the European markets.

With the introduction    of smart phones and internet in every look & corner of India , the consumers in India are getting awareness about the  products that the beauty &  wellness industry can offer. 

Diploma in cosmetology

Eligibility:   passed class x board exam 

Duration     :   1 year

Course outline : introduction & importance of cosmetology , personal grooming , personal hygiene & healthy habits. Bacteriology , external skin science, structure of hair, knowledge of the structure connected with hair follicle, growth & replacement, disorder of the hair and scalp, care of scalp , salon management, chemical & physical classification of cosmetics, structure & functions of nail, disorder & diseases of nail, skin theory, threading, waxing, pedicure, manicure, body spa, hand and back polishing, basic nail art, facial foot & hand spa skin treatment, basic to advance hair cutting , global  hail color, hair spa, variety types of highlighting , permanent hair straighten , permanent hair smoothing, rebonding ,  perming, hair binding, tong setting, shampooing, make up color theory, brush knowledge, different type of bridal make up, reception make up, groom make up , Party make up , Fashion make up, hair binding, saree draping(7 type).

Work area : this is a combined course of make up, hair care and skin care. On completion of this course, a student can work as a Beautician , spa therapist, hair dresser , make up artist , beauty consultant, saloon manager, and self employee in the beauty and fashion industry or as an owner of his/her own salon.

Diploma in Beauty Therapy & Management :

Eligibility  :  passed class X Board Exam

Duration  :   1 year

Course outline :  Facial therapy skin structure , skin theory , basic skin type, Anatomy & physiology of head, face and neck, personal and saloon Hygiene, sanitization, threading, facial massage , electrical facial treatment(facial steamer, ozone, high frequency, Galvanic, vacuum suction), facial mask, anatomy of hand and feet, pedicure and manicure, trolly setting for manicure and pedicure, structure of nail, foot spa, hand spa, hand polishing, foot massage, massage technique, facial treatment(acne, anti-tan, freckles, wrinkle patches), bleach(facial & body), waxing(cold  hot), make-up color theory, eyebrow shaping, base make-up, application, difference types of bridal make-up, day make-up, evening make-up, party make-up, reception make-up, verity type of hair binding, saree draping(7 days), product knowledge, basic nail-art, henna application.


Work area:  After completion of this course, the student can work as a Beautician , spa therapist, hair dresser , make up artist , beauty consultant, saloon manager, and self employee in the beauty and fashion industry or as an owner of his/her own salon.

Diploma in hair styling

Eligibility  :  passed class X Board Exam

Duration  :   1 year

Course outline : communication skill, personality development, structure of hair, types of hair, hair growth cycle, knowledge  of hair texture, basic hair cutting, advanced hair cutting, hair sectioning, shampooing, brush knowledge, hair styling,  global hair color, highlighting, hair spa, hair treatment with machine use, straighten, smoothing, rebonding, permin, oil massage, henna application.

Work area: this is an extensive course on hair care, on the completion of which the student can have the opportunity to work as a senior hair dresser in the salon industry or as a self employee in the beauty industry.

Diploma in modern salon management

Eligibility :  passed class X Board Exam

Duration  :   1 year

Course :- Reception skill: A. roles & duties of a Receptionist , B. Appointment Booked for various service, C. Answering  phone calls, D. Accept  different types of payment, E. complete a gift voucher. F. stock maintains, Ergonomic principles : A. foot, leg, hand, wrist, hips, knees, neck, back, shoulder, chest, ergonomically designed salon equipment availability, salon design:  A. features of good salon designee, furnishing and equipment for a hair salon, layout and décor for a hair salon. Nutrition and deities:  A. major functions of carbohydrates , protein, fat vitamin- A,B,C, B-complex(B group)   and source related to skin, eye, and hair. B. Role of water in maintaining healthy skin, C. concept of balance diet and fve food groups. Salon management: (A) salon-planning, location (B) salon ownership ( C) space allotment, installation and fitting (D) types of service and their cost (E) type of employees and employment (F) record keeping-income & expenditure (G) Retailing and salesman ship (H) advertising and appointment (I) Maintenance (J)common equipment required for salon operation (k) safety precaution , sterilization & sanitizing: A suggestions for sanitization.

Work area: after completing this course  the student can work as and as an owner of his/her own salon.


Certificate in self grooming & Bridal makeup:

Eligibility : passed class VIII

Duration:  03 month

Course outline self grooming, formal make-up, evening make-up, day make-up, party make-up, Bengali bridal make-up, non bengali bridal make-up, Muslim bridal make-up, Reception make-up, groom make-up, fashion make-up, glossy make-up, variety types of eye make-up, variety types of hair binging & styling , 7 types of saree draping, shampooing, blow dry setting, hair  Highlighting.

Work area:  this course enable student to work in the Tv & film industry as well as in the fashion industry as a senior makeup artist and as a self employee in the fashion industry.

Certificate in nail treatment

Eligibility : passed class VIII

Duration:  06 month

Course outline:  nail anatomy, common nail disorder and symptoms, nail tip application, types of nail tips, nail tip application pre 7 post service. Tip removal, safety precaution- do’s and dent’s, nail warp , definition, types of nail warp, nail warp pre & post service, supplies of acrylic nail, acrylic nail using procedure, acrylic nail refile, acrylic nail pre & post service, safety precaution, supplies of gel nail, gel application, gel over forms precure, gel nail pre & post service, gel nail safety precaution, basic rules of nail art, color therapy, type of nail art, gel polish application & removal, safety precaution, normal manicure & pedicure, Aroma manicure & pedicure, French manicure & pedicure,

Work area: after completing of this course the students can work as a nail artist in nail studio and self employee in the nail industry or owner of his/her own nail studio.


Certificate in beauty therapist:

Eligibility : passed class VIIl

Duration:  06 month

Course outline : threading, waxing, pedicure, manicure ,bleach, facial, skin structure, identification of skin type, massage theory, Bengali bride makeup, party make up, hair typology , hair binding(3 types), Hygiene maintain, home care, product knowledge.

Work area: after completing this course, the student can work  as a beautician, beauty consultant, makeup artist and salon manager  or as a self employee in the beauty industry .

Certificate in Advance cosmetology & Hair Dressing :

Eligibility : passed class VIII

Duration:  03 month

Course outline  skin infection control, skin anatomy & phycology threading, waxing, facial massage, aroma therapy, bleach, nail structure & growth, manicure & pedicure, shampooing, procedure, head oil massage, hair cutting, hair setting, hair styling, Bengali bridal makeup, party makeup, evening makeup,  saree draping.

Certificate in makeup artist:

  1. Eligibility : passed class VIII
  2. Duration: 03 month
  3. Course outline: makeup as a career, hygiene maintenance, color theory, application technique, brush knowledge, product knowledge, makeup color theory, Identify skin texture and skin tone, tools of make up, Bengali bridal makeup, party makeup, day makeup, evening makeup, groom makeup, hair styling, hair binding, saree draping(7type).