Royalkingsland training academy

Classroom Teaching Diploma

Formally known as DTLLS, This course will help you become a qualified teacher. Diploma in Teacher Education is a diploma level teacher training program which aims to provide basic training to the candidates aspiring to become Primary Teachers. The duration course varies between one to three years, depending upon student. The program is also available as a part-time or a full-time course Our Teaching Training Diploma Certificate is designed to best suit the needs of both aspiring & working teachers with an opportunity to avail additional qualification. 

Education and Skills required to be eligible for DTLLS course

The minimum eligibility for admission to the DTLLS training diploma course for one year includes minimum 50 per cent marks in their 10+2 board exams from any recognised institute in any subject.

Some of the most important skills in DTLLS training are:

  • Energy and enthusiasm in dealing with young energetic kids
  • Caring and friendly attitude
  • Patience for every kid in class
  • Passion for the teaching profession
  • Keen sense of eye for detail
  •  And most important of all excellent communication skills in language suitable to the children

Job Opportunities

Certificate in Classroom Management is an advantageous course for all teachers who are looking for an added qualification to strengthen their CV and to acquire comprehensive knowledge about the techniques of classroom management. This certificate course can be extremely beneficial for both aspiring and active teachers seeking a teaching and training career. To create a well managed classroom a lot of effort has to be put in and today’s teachers are required to organize teaching activities which spells productivity and actively engage students and therefore, a course in classroom management will come handy. Anyone planning a career in teaching and training will get an extra edge and anyone with a specific requirement for any particular field related to teaching can enroll in this particular course. 21st century classrooms are evolving everyday and with it the role of teachers are changing who are expected to constantly upgrade not as teachers only but as effective classroom managers. Since every class is different the teachers need to adopt innovative techniques to meet the need of the learners which calls for pursuing professional courses like Certificate in Classroom Management which lends them expertise to face any classroom around the world.